Saturday, July 7, 2007

Catalina faces a test!

Catalina leaves home and goes to her friend Alicia's place. She tells alicia her mother her sickness. Her friend
advises her to divorce sebastian, she agrees but says she'll do it later.
Meanwhile Sebastian is in mexico city, he's not feeling too well so Romero advises him to call
Catalina over. He calls Catalina's house, Catalina's sister picks it and tells sebastian
to call alicia's place. He does that and asks Catalina to come over to his place.
When Catalina gets there she tells him she wants a divorce; he doesn't understand and tells her his father will come around
and then they engage in a passionate kiss which is interrupted by a phone call from home.
His sister calls to tell him that his father has decided to give Catalina a chance but he had to come and see his father.
He tells Catalina the good news.
Miss Antoinette had gone to meet Lupe(sebastian's father) and told him Catalina was after his son's money and would make his
son's life miserable like Lupe's own wife did. When Lupe tells Carmelo the foreman that he's giving Sebastian his only son a
chance...Carmelo says to himself that he hates Sebastian.
Catalina returns home after deciding she wanted to stay with sebastian and learn to love him.
Lupe tells wancho that Catalina would have to pass a test before he can accept her, he reveals the test to sebastian; Sebastian is to impersonate Carmelo and tell Catalina he's a mere foreman and if she agrees to marry him then he will
accept her as his own daughter.

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